Healthy Movie Night Snacks To Make At Home & Ideas

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Healthy Movie Night Snacks To Make At Home & Ideas


Jade Sandford
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Healthy Snacks While Watching a Movie



When I was a kid, my grandma used to take us to the movies every week. My sister and I would pile into the car and we would go see the latest Disney release with a giant soda and a bucket of popcorn the size of my head. It’s honestly one of my favorite memories! So, when I had a daughter, I was so excited to restart the tradition… that is until I saw how much it costs. Yikes! While I fully believe you can’t put a price on memories, I can absolutely put a price on movie theater candy and $6 is not it.

I stumbled upon a post on Facebook about a mom who created an at-home, “drive-in” movie for her kids and I knew I had to give it a try! Since I have a small stockpile of boxes at home (thank you, online shopping), I had everything I needed to bring this project to life in an afternoon. Plus, unlike the theater, I could incorporate healthy movie snacks. 

I started by cutting a cardboard box into a “car”-ish shape. It wasn’t perfect but my daughter is two, so she loved it! I left a small piece in the front so that she had a makeshift table to set her snacks on and I let her go crazy with some paint! I love a project that will occupy her time as well.

She lost interest before we finished painting  all the way around, but we gave it the old college try. While everything dried, we went to the kitchen to prepare our snacks.

Healthy Movie Snack Recipes

I never go to a movie theater that doesn’t sell mini corn dogs, so I knew they had to be part of our drive-in movie night. The great part about this recipe is that it’s gluten-free and uses Almond Flour to cut back on carbs. Sure, I could have bought pre-made ones from the freezer section, but making corn dogs at home allowed me to cut the hot dog pieces to a more toddler-friendly size to prevent choking.

Another great DIY option is trail mix! This super, simple recipe can be split into sandwich bags or even paper cups. Again, it’s extremely customizable so you can add in all of your tiny human’s favorite things or specialize it for allergies. Since you essentially put everything into a bowl and mix it, it’s also a great opportunity to get your little one helping in the kitchen.

Healthy Movie Night Snacks to Make at Home

If there is ever an excuse for my husband to request Buffalo Chicken dip, he does. Somehow, a drive-in movie felt like one of those times to him. The nice thing about chicken dip is that it goes so well with so many things – veggies like cucumbers, carrot sticks, and bell peppers; crackers and chips; or just a fork!

If you want to stick to the sweet side of healthy movie snacks, Muffins are my go-to sweet for my daughter. They can be a little messy, but she loves them! They also freeze really well, so I can make them for a snack tonight and use them for breakfast for the next few days. Make sure to read the ingredients to find a mix that uses real fruit, not bits (what even is a fruit bit?). If your kiddo is a picky eater, you want all the help you can get.

Healthy Movie Night Snacks to Buy

If you’re anything like me, finding time to cook or bake (or eat, for that matter) with a toddler is no small feat. So, if you’re struggling to decide between the arts and crafts project or the DIY snacks, just remember that there are a ton of great, store-bought options!

I’m always trying to watch my girl’s sugar intake so these no-sugar-added Mini Cookies from HighKey are an easy choice. Since they’re gluten-free, they’re also a great option for families with food sensitivities.

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It’s not a movie without gummy snacks (or so my husband says) and Smart Sweets has a great variety of choices that fit our lifestyle! Since there’s only 3g of sugar per bag of Gummy Fish, I can feel good sharing these with my family. 

I couldn’t write this without including chocolate, am I right? For that, I always defer to ChocZero. Their new peanut butter cups are my new, not-so-guilty pleasure. I will say that the texture is a little strange if they get warm, but I’ve always been a firm believer that the only way to eat a peanut butter cup is frozen!

If you're not in the mood for candy, High Key cereal is a great anytime snack.

To finish off my daughter’s snack plate, we included some cheese and grapes (her current obsessions), then, we settled in for a movie before bath time. With the added snack prep and crafty project, this became an all-day affair with plenty of teaching moments. At the end of the day, it’s really about the quality time we spend together as a family but if I can save a few bucks (and a dozen grams of sugar) in the process, that’s a win in my book.


Jade Sandford

Jade Sandford is the Associate Brand Manager here at HighKey, as well as a mama bear, Disney fanatic, and weekend DIY enthusiast. 

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