Gluten Free Weight Loss Diet: How Much Weight Can You Lose Cutting Out Gluten?

5 minute read • by Elijah Morman 08-14-2020


Gluten Free Weight Loss Diet: How Much Weight Can You Lose Cutting Out Gluten?

Elijah Morman
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How Much Weight Can You Lose Cutting Out Gluten?


*Results May Vary. Always Consult Your Doctor Before Making Any Diet Changes.

It all started when I saw a picture of my Uncle and was shocked to see that he had lost 80 pounds! After finding out he was sensitive to gluten, he had gone on a gluten-free diet, which played a huge part in his weight loss! After hearing what his gluten sensitivity symptoms were I realized that I had a lot of the same ones and I began to wonder if I was sensitive to gluten too.

These symptoms included:

  • Weight gain and weight retention
  • Brain fog
  • Fatigue
  • Low energy levels
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Diarrhea


I had had most of these symptoms my entire life, but I figured my stomach was just more sensitive than the average person. As it turns out, I am - sensitive to gluten!

So I talked with my wife (who’s a registered nurse) about my suspicions that I might be gluten sensitive. When we started to look into it, we found that if you cut gluten for a couple of days and feel better or your symptoms disappear, there’s a good chance you’ve got a gluten sensitivity. From there it’s fairly simple to bring the concern to your doctor and get tested to verify.

So I went for it and cut gluten out of my diet for a couple of days. And I immediately noticed the difference!

Previously, I ate a ton of gluten-filled foods like bread and pasta and I’d almost always be so tired after eating, I’d either be falling asleep in classes or needing to take a nap at home! It was awful!

But after a day or so of cutting gluten, most of my symptoms were disappearing. I felt so much better! I had so much more energy and I noticed the lack of gas and bloating after every meal. Diarrhea became way less frequent!

But the best thing I noticed was that I had lost 10lbs in just one month! 10 pounds without doing anymore working out or eating any healthier than I had been. In fact! I had always worked out five days a week and eaten healthy, but I still couldn’t seem to lose any weight! I was even seen by my doctor in regards to the lack of weight loss and he couldn’t figure it out! But after just a month of not eating gluten, I was down 10 pounds!

So what is the science behind this gluten-free weight loss?

Inside of our intestines, we have millions of tiny finger-like fibers that suck the nutrients out of the food we eat to fuel our bodies! If you have a sensitivity to gluten, the gluten you eat shreds these microscopic fibers from your gut, leaving your system missing what it needs to absorb nutrients! Since your body can’t get the nutrients it needs, it goes into survival mode, and it tries to suck up every last bit of fat and calorie it can get! This results in a person retaining excess weight and their body building resistance to fat loss which explains why I couldn’t lose any weight!

So now, without gluten wrecking my system, my body was quickly able to repair these fibers in my gut, allowing my body to properly digest my food. Resulting in 10 pounds of weight just disappearing off of my body!

Even after that first month, I lost 5 more pounds! Resulting in a total of 15 pounds dropped!

If going on a gluten-free diet even for just a few short days sounds intimidating, that's okay! I’ve been there!

But it’s much easier than you might think.

Gluten is a substance found in wheat, so as long as you’re not eating any wheat, you’re golden! Most food labels will have wheat listed very clearly in their ingredients, so it’s easy to tell if you’re eating gluten or not.

There’s a lot of foods that naturally don’t contain wheat, such as all fruits, vegetables, and meats which is great because you want to focus on whole foods and ensuring you’re providing your body with the nutrients that it needs. Since foods with gluten are high in vitamins and nutrients that your body needs you’ll need to replace them by eating other foods that will provide you with any missing vitamins and nutrients.

The things that you have to watch out for specifically are bread, pasta, baked goods, and crackers. However, you’ll quickly find that there’s a gluten-free alternative to just about anything! And in some cases, we’ve even found that the gluten-free version is even better than the regular version! (Gluten-free baking mixes for the win!)

So if you suspect you could be sensitive to gluten or want to see if your body would benefit from a lack of it, I say go for it! Try and find an easy gluten-free diet plan for beginners and cut gluten for a week or two and see what happens! Maybe you’ll have your own story of gluten-free diet weight loss.


  Elijah Morman

Elijah Morman is a freelance copy and content writer. He lives in West Fargo ND, with his wife and their two little girls. Passionate about living life to the fullest, Elijah realizes that that process starts with the body and his health and wellness. He desires that through his writing, he can inspire others to take better care of themselves and in turn live their life more fully as well!

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